New Outdoor Adventure Business Offering Guided Hiking Trips in Red River Gorge, KY.

Hiking Red River Gorge

A new business located in Slade, KY called Hiking Red River Gorge (HikingRRG) is now open. They provide guided hiking trips in the Red River Gorge area. Their trips include both day and overnight adventures.

Hiking Red River Gorge was started by a Kentucky native, Mike Johnson. The goal was to provide safe, family friendly, guided hikes though out Red River Gorge. While hiking, Mike, and his other trail guides would always run into people either lost or clueless as to the secrets Red River Gorge held. After a quick conversation he would have them back on the right path or give them some information on cool camping spots that are off the beaten path. Hiking Red River Gorge's team of knowledgeable trail guides want to give each of their clients an experience to remember. Allowing their clients to comfortably venture out on less known trails that they otherwise wouldn't see.

The Daniel Boone National Forest embraces some of the most rugged terrain west of the Appalachian Mountains. Steep forested slopes, sandstone cliffs and narrow ravines characterize the land. Their knowledgeable trail guides will take anyone on an adventure of a lifetime. Exploring many trails off the beaten path. The guided day hikes offered by Hiking Red River Gorge range from a couple hours up to a full day. These hikes can be customized to included more than one hike in a single trip. Many of which can easily be an overnight trip. Hiking Red River Gorge provides a souvenir water bottle and snacks on all day hikes.

The staff at Hiking Red River Gorge prefers to take their clients to places in the Red River Gorge that most don't even know about. Some of these trails are unmarked and not on official US Forest Service maps. Those include places like Jailhouse Rock, Copperas Falls, Indian Staircase, Cloud Splitter Arch and Turtle Back Arch.

By leading guided hiking trips to these off the beaten path places the potential number of lost hikers is greatly reduced. The Powell County Search & Rescue team reported that they responded to over sixty rescue calls in 2015. In total fifteen people had died in the Red River Gorge from 2013 to 2015. Thus even more of a demand for the type of services offered by Hiking Red River Gorge.

Source: Hiking Red River Gorge


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